I’m voting for Happiness

 image sourced from theminimalists.com

Once again we are faced with the decision of who to elect to run our country. While the pollies vie for your vote, trying to convince you that they will do the best job, history has shown us that no party will ever give you everything you want and that election promises can be as empty as a Zen Masters mind.

We vote for all kinds of reasons. Some vote for whoever has the best policies according to our values, others vote either for or against the personality representing a party, some of us just follow who our parents vote for.

Essentially we are voting for whichever party we believe will result in us feeling happier. Whether they will make things better for our career, our family, our community or the environment.

Two of the most profound lessons I have learned in recent years include the power of the law of attraction and the magic of intuition.

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Red Gorge Reflections


Karijini National Park is a wonderland of spectacular sights. It’s loaded with heaps of amazing gorges for us to explore and I am loving every moment, wearing out my camera!

But due to the nature of Nature herself, not all the gorges are accessible. Sure you might be able to climb down a waterfall, but good luck getting back out!

While surfing at Warra Station, a couple from Karratha told us that the West Oz Active adventure tour through the restricted gorges was a must do in Karijini. So we decided to sign up and man are we glad we did.

Kitted out in wetsuits, harnesses, climbing gear, and a truck tyre inner tube we step into the chilly water and file past the restricted area sign,climbing down through a crevice, water rushing over our feet. We are then lowered down over a boulder to the start of an eight meter slippery dip with a four meter drop into a deep aqua blue pool.

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Being What You Love To Do

Ever since I was a boy (some may say I still am) I have loved exploring and going on adventures. From navigating the reefs of Rottnest Island in a dinghy to crawling through the bush by the river just near home, I feel alive when I’m playing with my other mother, Mother Nature.Over the last few years I have discovered how being present in the moment is the only way to actually be happy. The good news is that you can be present doing almost anything, the great news is that you are more likely to be present doing something you love.I fully realise now why I am drawn to photography. It’s not because I like playing with light, or getting the best shot. And although I do enjoy seeing awesome photographs, nothing compares to the real thing!

I love being a landscape photographer because of where it takes me. And I don’t just mean in the physical sense.

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On The Road Again


Since leaving Perth Matt and I have both been working pretty much full time as we progressed to Exmouth. But working on the road definitely had its perks; we got to spend time on beautiful beaches, we saw ample wildlife from emus to kangaroos, humpback whales to turtles and plenty of fish. We have hiked into gorges, along ridges overlooking the ocean. We have surfed some fun waves, snorkelled and spear fished. Not bad for 4 months working full time.

We both finished work nearly 2 weeks ago and we are both stoked to now be full time travellers.

For the past week we lived at Warorra Station, about 170km south of Exmouth. Yes we did back track south, but we knew we wanted some last beach time before we head inland and upwards. And it was worth it! Continue reading

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Living Adventure


We have had our friend Kam staying with us the last four days and have had an amazing time snorkelling the enchanted Ningaloo reef, chilling out on picturesque beaches, surfing with turtles and enjoying some enlightened conversation. The weather has been nothing short of perfect and with both of us finishing work last week, we both jumped at the chance to overdose on sunshine, fresh air and salt water.

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Finding Me again

I woke at five thirty this morning. Instead of staying in bed trying to get back to sleep, thinking about pointless stuff, I got up. I grabbed my camera and drove out to the canyons in the Cape Range National Park.

Driving up the gravel road in the dark I had no idea where I was headed. All I knew was that I was going  enjoy hanging out with Mother Nature and try to capture some of her beauty.

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Just Love Yourself


In Hawaii I had an idea of starting a new blog, but it has taken me all this time to articulate specifically what I wanted to write about, and also to create it. In Hawaii, Aloha is to say hello, but the true meaning is the “spirit of love” and that is where the seed was planted.

Over the last six months I have become more aware of how important it is to love yourself, and that is what I want to write about. I was seeing how other people were not loving themselves, and then I too saw the reflection of myself in ways I too needed to love myself more. I realised when you love yourself, life organically flows and your are so full you don’t need other people, things, experiences to fill you up, because you are love, peace and happiness. Continue reading

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