About Us


Hello from somewhere in the world!

We are writing this blog to record our travels and for you to follow what we have been getting up to.

We are Matt Mason and Jill Miller, and we decided to pack everything up in our home town of Perth, Western Australia to travel indefinitely.

We both have a hunger for adventure and doing the things that we love, which we realised wasn’t working jobs!

We have been travelling close to 18 months now, and have no plans to stop anytime soon.

We have climbed to Mt Everest Base Camp – adding to the awesomeness and achievement of the hike Matt proposed to Jill. We continued to explore through Nepal for a month admiring the humblness of the Nepalese, and enjoying their curries.

Then we headed over to the neighbouring country, India, for some craziness, and yummy curries. We learnt yoga/meditation in an ashram, how to cook a southern Indian curry and how to live less seriously. We loved India, but our advice is just go with the flow otherwise you will hate it.

Somewhat tired from moving around constantly, we headed to Sri Lanka, found a beach hut and learnt how to surf. We spent 3 months here forming special friendships in and out of the water, with others and ourselves.

Hooked on surfing we knew we had to go to the surfing mecca of the world, Hawaii. We spent 3 months camping on the beach and surfing daily. By now Jill was really getting the hang of it, and enjoyed the socialisation with other chick surfers, and Matt was starting to carve up some big waves.

After visas expired, we had a strong gravitational pull to be on beautiful beaches. We knew our calling was to travel our home country Australia.  We also missed our pooches, a lot! So, here we are on the road in Australia enjoying beaches, gorges, hikes, desert and more beaches.

We hope you enjoy our posts as much as we do making our adventures.

Feel free to comment on our posts or subscribe to receive regular updates.

Namaste Matt & Jill

2 Responses to About Us

  1. Marj Mccaughey says:

    Hi Matt and Jill,

    Enjoying reading your blogs, youv`e managed to pack such a lot in such a short space of time, you have inspired me to get up off my arm chair and do something more rewarding when I next go on hols. Keep up the outstand work,

    Regards – Marj, Lauren, and Caroline ( Chums of Jill from wrd 11 SPH Perth)

    • MattJill says:

      Hi ladies, I am glad to hear we have inspired you. We are having such a fantastic, fun time that we can’t imagine living any other way. I hope you create an opportunity for yourselves too 🙂 Jill

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