What Not To Do On The Road


We have packed too much stuff

Dad, you were right. We did pack too much. We didn’t use our down jackets, tennis rackets, or painting box. I am now even carrying around bags of shells and rocks. The thought that there may be shops in other parts of Australia did not completely sink in. We now know to only carry enough food for a week, instead of carrying around risotto, lasagne sheets, or Vietnamese rice paper rolls that have not even been opened in 6 months despite ‘wanting’ to make them or thinking it would be cheaper to buy in Perth.

Buy a good head torch

We have 3 head torches, a lantern, glow sticks, and 4 hand torches of various sizes, which some have not been used. After Matt whinging about hiking in the dark due to a poor quality head torch we finally bought a top notch one. Now we fight over who gets to use it. So, the lesson is buy an excellent quality head torches and leave all other lighting at home.

Caravan can be restrictive on places where you can go

If you want to explore this vast country and tow anything you want it to be able to go off road. Our lovely lady has been on a few adventures such as river crossings, and heavily corrugated, potholed roads. As novices on our first off road adventure we sped along at 80km/hr trying to skip over the corrugations while rattling her to pieces. We had a broken window, 2 busted cupboards, various bits and pieces rolling around on the floor and a dust covering everything. Now we are experienced off roaders, so we deflate the tyres and drive slow. In saying this, she has limited us sometimes and we have had to abandon her and use the tent. Maybe we will trade her for a camper trailer, or a full camping kit setup or maybe a boat. Just maybe baby!


We like to travel and move around for 1-2 months only

After 15 months of travelling we have realised that our style of travel is to spend 1-2 months travelling, exploring and seeing the sights, then chill somewhere for a few months with spontaneous explorations. Travelling is tyring, so by being aware of our style we can make the most of it. Now we know this we have decided to head to the NSW coast and spend a solid month or so chilling, surfing and whatever else tickles our fancy.

It is friggin’ hot in from mid-September in northern Australia

For the past 3 weeks we have experienced 35 degrees plus days, with most days closer to 40 degrees Celsius. We are drinking 3-4 litres easily a day and eating ice-creams almost daily. Benson is suffering the most, so we are finding trees and waterholes for relief, and if that is not possible (due to crocodiles) we drive in the middle of the day to be in aircon. Matt is also waking me at 4.30am to beat the heat if we are hiking – I am looking forward to a sleep in after 3 early starts in a row. Also, the other thing about this time of year, the climate is dry in northern Australia and we continue to imagine what it would be like during and post wet season. We would love to return to the Kimberley’s around March.

We need a boat

Western Australia has a stunning coastline and exploring it is something we often talk about. We have even considered making the caravan amphibious. Another idea that we have considered is to sail the coastline. Who knows, but the point is we would love to surf offshore, fish, snorkel, explore islands or cruise for the day with friends and some beers.


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3 Responses to What Not To Do On The Road

  1. Marita says:

    Can I come with you when you get a boat?? Dad’s and mum’s sometimes do know stuff!!

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