On The Road Again


Since leaving Perth Matt and I have both been working pretty much full time as we progressed to Exmouth. But working on the road definitely had its perks; we got to spend time on beautiful beaches, we saw ample wildlife from emus to kangaroos, humpback whales to turtles and plenty of fish. We have hiked into gorges, along ridges overlooking the ocean. We have surfed some fun waves, snorkelled and spear fished. Not bad for 4 months working full time.

We both finished work nearly 2 weeks ago and we are both stoked to now be full time travellers.

For the past week we lived at Warorra Station, about 170km south of Exmouth. Yes we did back track south, but we knew we wanted some last beach time before we head inland and upwards. And it was worth it!


The sand was the whitest I have probably ever seen, and the water was bright turquoise, all protected by the fringing reef. For $7.50 per person we had the luxury of prime real estate, staying in our caravan literatlly on the beach with the water less than 10m away! The sound of water lapping on the shore putting us to sleep at night, and kept us relaxed during the day.


Every second day we went exploring the coastline of the station which is equally as stunning. Sorry, to rub it in some more, but the water was perfect temperature and even in winter the day time temperature was high 20’s, possibly even 30 degrees Celsius.

Today, we left our beach life, slightly sad, but also excited for our travel adventures. We hopped into the car, and instantly sang our little song, which goes, “On the road again dooo dahhh, dooo dahh, we are on the road again, whooo haaa”.  We are on our way to Tom Price, where we will be in the gateway to explore Karijini National Park.

In the meantime, we are embracing the unknown of travelling. We had no idea where we were staying, and that is how we like it. As a result, we found a cute rest area on a river which was not in our map book. It even has a reasonably clean toilet, and it’s free. Matt & I are in no rush to arrive anywhere so we just stay anywhere that tickles our fancy.

And yes this place did have its drawcard; Matt is currently out taking photographs of these interesting rock hills. Surprisingly this road to Paraburdoo/Tom Price has exceeded my expectations and is a very scenic drive. I love the vibrant reds and oranges and the contrast with the greens and yellows. There must have been rain here as the area is quite lush.


It is 6.32pm and Matt has still not come back to the car, he must have some awesome photos to show us. Every time he comes back from a photo shoot I love checking out his photos, as they are mostly always very good. In a short period of time he has developed into a professional photographer and I couldn’t be any more proud of him. He is shortly about to release some of his work online to purchase. Keep your eyes open for the launch.


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7 Responses to On The Road Again

  1. susan rennie says:

    Photos are just brilliant and you are just living your dream. What a great journey.

  2. Teena says:

    Matt make sure u practice photographing people too :p

  3. Penny says:

    We’re excited cause it’s raining here and we desperately need the water …. however, there’s something wonderful about being cozy, warm and swimming in such a spectacular location whilst people in Perth wear their woolies. We’re just a tiny weenie bit jealous!! xx Pen & Stu. ps Photos are alive and vibrant – looks forward to visiting your catalogue.

    • MattJill says:

      Thanks Penny, we’re happy to have skipped our second Perth winter in a row. We’re in Karijini now and although the gorge pools look spectacular, they are, let’s say refreshing! I’m working on getting my catalogue up pretty soon. Xox

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