Living Adventure


We have had our friend Kam staying with us the last four days and have had an amazing time snorkelling the enchanted Ningaloo reef, chilling out on picturesque beaches, surfing with turtles and enjoying some enlightened conversation. The weather has been nothing short of perfect and with both of us finishing work last week, we both jumped at the chance to overdose on sunshine, fresh air and salt water.

As Kam is planning a trip to India we share our knowledge of the amazing, joyful, impossible, delicious country. Memories of our adventures made last year come flooding in thick and fast. It doesn’t take long before we are dreaming of new adventures all over this magical planet. It becomes clear that Kam has contracted the same intrepid adventurer bug that we have.

This morning we hit the surf and had so much fun. On her second day surfing Kam picked it up quickly. And Jill got an awesome wave. One of those rides where you just cant wipe the smile off your face.

Jill & Molly Surfing

So we were a little sad to see Kam go today, but within an hour of returning from the airport our friend Wayne from across the street asked if we wanted to go spear fishing on his boat. “Sure” we both said and not long after we were speeding along the glassy ocean.

I have never been spear fishing before  so after a thorough run down “Point it at the fish you want for dinner and pull the trigger” I was set. Jill was happy snorkelling around, leaving the spearing to the men.

I spotted a big ray with what looked like four small sharks following. I called Wayne over and he said very sternly “follow those Cobia, they are my favourite fish!” We tailed them for a bit, but couldn’t get a good shot before they swam off.

I was having a great time playing hide and seek with a big coral trout who kept retreating into a hole in the reef. I headed back to the boat when my fingers and toes were completely numb. Wayne came in at the same time with a juicy coral trout over half a metre long on the end of his spear. He said we could have it as he has plenty of fish at home.

Our Delicious Dinner

Our Delicious Dinner

Then Jill spotted two humpback whales right near us. It was amazing being in the water with these majestic beasts. They dove down and we thought they had gone, all of a sudden a whale broke above the water two metres in front of me, letting out an almighty burst of air. I was expecting to be lifted out of the water by its body, but he just glided by me.

Buzzing on a high we headed back home. At first it’s a little scary surrendering to the Universe. But letting go the need to control and allowing the Universe to have its way with our lives is the best move we ever made. We don’t even need to go looking for adventures any more. They come looking for us.

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5 Responses to Living Adventure

  1. Linda says:

    Looks like you’ve even got Molly hooked on surfing 🙂

  2. Marita says:

    That’s a fabulous post Matt – the pics are really cute – especially with Molly surfing. I remember when Penny and I surfed down at the Bitumen (Mandurah), our dog Cindy would always swim out, so we’d have to put her on our boards and ride her in. Really cute stuff. Great talking to you tonight, especially about your experience with the whales – how friggin awesome for you both (and you didn’t even have to pay for it). Fish looks mouth watering. Ripper of a day I’d say!!

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