Finding Me again

I woke at five thirty this morning. Instead of staying in bed trying to get back to sleep, thinking about pointless stuff, I got up. I grabbed my camera and drove out to the canyons in the Cape Range National Park.

Driving up the gravel road in the dark I had no idea where I was headed. All I knew was that I was going  enjoy hanging out with Mother Nature and try to capture some of her beauty.

I found a spot to park just as the sun was coming up, and probably just as Jill was getting up for work. I always really enjoy sunrises and sunsets and today was no exception. The perfect sight to bring me back to the present moment.


You can click on the images to see them bigger

Even though we have been travelling, I have still been working full time. So it was nice to just spend some time walking around without any plans, following my feet.

Eventually my feet found this track and they decided to follow it.


It didn’t take long for my mind to slow down, but there was still al lot of chatter going on. So I stopped and sat down. Focussing on the littlest things like the feeling of the breeze on my face, the songs of the birds, and the patterns in the rocks distracted me from my chatterbox mind. And with my mind silent, I was me again. The real me. Happy and content.


So happily I walked on, not a care in the world. Enjoying chillin’ with Mother Nature. Before long though, my mind started up again. But after being in my blissful state it was much easier to shoosh it. I really saw how much of my time I waste being cooped up in my mind. Not living, but thinking. I really prefer how I feel just being present in the moment.

All of a sudden the earth in front of me stopped. And then it started again a few hundred metres away.


Contemplating how long it took for a little creek to eventually wear away  the earth into this canyon really put my life into perspective. The Universe doesn’t care how much money I have, how important I am, what I look like or what I do with my life. It just wants me to happy. And I can only be happy if I’m present.

So I decided then and there, that I would just be more. Sure my mind will get carried away with itself most of the time. But like I learned today even spending a little time in the present makes it easier to get back there. And just like the rain wore away this gorge, making a habit of being present will wear away my distracting mind.


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10 Responses to Finding Me again

  1. Clare says:

    I wish I could be more present. My brain is constantly thinking about random stuff! Beautiful photos!! X

  2. susan rennie says:

    I love the beauty that your photos hold. That brain is a chatterbox and you have shared a beautiful way of quietening it. Loving your blogs.

  3. Tyrhone says:

    Cool, I love impromptu pre dawn adventures. I don’t have them often though because they require getting up pre dawn. It’s good to get perspective every now and again, almost impossible to maintain it, but then you can always bring yourself back there.

  4. Penny says:

    As someone who often is awake well before sunrise (much to stu’s dismay) I can understand the feelings Mother Nature hands out so freely to anyone who cares to participate. It is a gorgeous part of the day. However your photos are outstanding – and enable stu to appreciate Mother Nature when he finally wakes up! Love penny

  5. Marita says:

    Great story Matt and so happy you found that beautiful connection with yourself, Mother Nature and the universe. I guess one of the drawbacks of being so smart is that your mind is probably busier than most (I dont have that problem – haha!!) problem for me is that I’ve found so much peace living here – and am so connected in with nature that I’ve become way too comfortable and dont get off my ass enough. I only hope that I dont get too busy in Noosa and lose this connection, although the beauty there is extraordinary.
    You must be thrilled with these pics – they’re extraordinary, and I look forward to seeing you use them professionally one day. Also glad to hear that you wont be working so much now, so you can really get connected in more. Love you guys heaps

  6. Arianwen says:

    This is why I always used to love running. I’d get back from an hour or so on the road and couldn’t remember one thing I’d thought about. Walking in nature is the same. Very therapeutic!

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