I Swam With A Shark in the Deep Blue



Danny (Matt’s sister) and Penny (Dan’s friend) have come to visit us in Exmouth for a weeks holiday. One of the must do’s was to swim with the largest shark in the ocean, the Whaleshark. Each year these big fish come to Exmouth, one few places in the world where they come each year to hang out.

Here is a little pre swim video for you to watch…

It is interesting that as soon as you jump into the deep blue sea, all fears my were gone. For me, the fear of being in deep water (which was 40m +), the fear of a ‘shark’, fear of the unknown, fear of losing control and the fear of getting hurt or dying were not present. All I felt was a calmness as I swam along side a 6m whaleshark. I felt completely safe while I swam next to its face seeing its big mouth that would easily be able to suck me in on one breath. I felt safe swimming behind its tail watching its tail sweep fluidly through the ocean where it could have easily knocked me out and sent me to the sea floor. I felt so happy and free just being in the ocean that my mind was never able to take over and spoil the day with its fears.

For each of us, we all had different experiences, but we all thought it was AWESOME and want to go again. The staff at Kings Ningaloo Reef Tours were tonnes of fun, informative and made sure we had a great day. They are really passionate about their jobs, and the research into whalesharks including other aspects of the ocean. And we thank Krystal from Krystal Vision Productions for the amazing photos. There were 20 people on the boat, with each whaleshark swim having 10 people in the group. We had 4 whaleshark swims over the day, and not once did I feel I missed out. I had beautiful encounters with each shark on every swim.

WST 210613 Kings-27

Matt gracefully swimming with a whaleshark

Matt gracefully swimming with a whaleshark

Jill waving to the Shark

Jill waving to the Shark

Dan's Swim with a WHALESHARK
Penny swimming with a BIG FISH

Penny swimming with a BIG FISH

Penny Matt Jill Dan after a day in the deep blue

Penny Matt Jill Dan after a day in the deep blue

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5 Responses to I Swam With A Shark in the Deep Blue

  1. Tyrhone says:

    Sweet! Sarah and I are due to do that here in Mexico in about a month (when the season starts), it looks awesome, I would be a bit more nervous doing it in OZ cause everything there wants to eat you. ..

    • MattJill says:

      I’m sure you will enjoy it too. They are so beautiful. I was never scared of other big fish or sharks. In exmouth there is a healthy tiger shark population, but they are so well fed I’m not even worried about them eating me. The locals have been trying for years to get close to them but they are not interested.
      – Jill

  2. Marita says:

    The pics of your smiles say it all, although the underwater shots are phenomenal. I love that one of Matt swimming gracefully – awesome!! You lucky ducks. How cool to share it with Danny.

    • MattJill says:

      I totally agree with you marita with the one of Matt. There’s also another awesome one of him which I love too. I will email it to you. Jill x

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