Last Weeks Update in Shark Bay


Shark Bay Area exceeded our expectations so we spent longer than expected on the western most point peninsula. We camped at ‘free campsites’ where ironically an admin fee is payable ($11), like Whalebone and Fowlers campsites. You are only allowed to stay one night at these campsites but as we were becoming more familiar with the area we pushed 3 nights on one occasion and were never asked to move on, which we would have. We hid ourselves in the bushes off the road and free (illegal) camped with no issues. On each occasion we would have a prepared story if we were ever found.

Matt had to do some work during that week, so Molly, Benson and I went on little adventures climbing over rocks, exploring the next beach. Molly was definitely becoming more confident in her explorations and at some points I realised she found more interesting spots than I so I would follow her. One day at Fowlers Camp, we set off for an exploration along some narrow rock edges to reach the point of the bay. We sat out here for some time to watch a shark, dolphin, fish and turtle pass. On the way back, the tide was very low and there was a fish caught in the sand. I tried to free him into deeper water, but he wasn’t too interested. At one point I put him deep enough water for him to swim, but all he wanted to do was play with Molly. It was hilarious watching them chase each other, or the fish would hide under her belly while she was trying to touch him with her feet. I raced back to the caravan to get the camera but on return all I found was Molly searching in the weed for the fishy.


Another day we visited Monkey Mia for the day,  which was nearly 3 years ago since Matt and I stayed at Monkey Mia Resort. Going back to Monkey Mia instantly reminded of an experience from those years ago. A few kilometres away from the resort we walked down to the beach, actually it past the point where the emu incident occurred this time, and we found ourselves alone. We stripped off our clothes for some skinny dipping. However, we were not the only ones around. We were in thigh deep water, and what I thought was a dolphin swam around us, literally less than 1m away. In excitement I said to Matt, “Look there is a dolphin”, while in the motion of diving into the water. He pulled me back, and calmly informed me it was a “shark”. Crikey, did panic set over me while I watched this SHARK circle us. I can still recall the fear and panic I felt that day. We sprinted back to shore and left the area. But on this visit I forgave the Sharky, whom was only curiously and harmlessly checking out our sexy bodies. But I have to now wonder, what else this beach has to teach me from sharks to emus, what will be next?

Part of our Australian Odyssey we made it to the first of important landmarks – Steep Point, the most Western Point of Australia. We camped at Tamala Station for about $25/night for 2 people. We made a day trip to Steep Point. We followed tracks initially to False Entrance were we watched some big waves, took some photos, followed by runs up the beach with Molly, and shell collecting. I was saddened by seeing the rubbish pollute the beach, so I took action, collected a bags worth of rubbish and disposed of it when we were in town.


Matt got up close and personal with the blowholes and the cliff edges. I must admit I had to walk away from him as I was nervous watching him.


We continued along the tracks to the Rangers house, were we again break some more rules, and sneak the dogs into the Steep Point National Park. I understand that Department of Conservation is trying to protect the flora and fauna in the area, but seriously what are Molly & Benson going to do? There is greater risk for our dogs anyways, because if one of them gets hold of fox bait they will probably die. Anyways, we pass the ranger and head to our first corner of Australia, with 3 more to go.

Steep Point

Afterwards we headed to a beach and caught some fish. The entire Shark Bay area is definitely one place where we would love to visit again, but with a boat.


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9 Responses to Last Weeks Update in Shark Bay

  1. Marita says:

    Best day sharkey’s had for a while!! What a great experience for Molly with the fish.
    Matt you look like a professional with the tripod – pics are awesome.
    I’m living vicariously through you guys at the moment, so keep the bloggs coming!!

    • MattJill says:

      Hi Marita, Matt is definately looking like a pro photographer, as are is photos improving. I am learning so much off him already. Love Jill

  2. Penny says:

    Hi Matt & Jill Going Up The Hill… I guess you read Katherine Hepburn’s quote “If you obey all the rules you miss all the fun”! It’s amazing how a ‘little bit of naughty’ can bring in that feeling of being alive. And, as you say, have a good excuse ready (knowing you’re not hurting anyone). Mmmmm, wonder what the excuses were, and if the authorities would just add them to their list!! Love the pics, love the happiness you’re sharing. xx Penny

  3. susan rennie says:

    Thank you for your points on Shark Bay. We have been having our annual family holiday on Tamala Station for about 16 years. We camp on the beach nearby Baudin Island and just love all the things you talk about. We love the isolation and the freedom that brings. I must agree that having a dingy does open up the experiences but you do sound like you are having a wonderful time anyway. You have whetted my desire to go out to Steep Point so maybe 2014!! Love your attitude of preparedness in any situation ….. Did you do some Woofing at Tamala Station with Yoko and Brian? Love Susan

    • MattJill says:

      Hi Susan,That is awesome you guys have been going to Tamala Station for all those years. We loved it there too… Yoke & Brian are lovely people arent they? We never did any Woofing there. Truth is, we did even know they take people on. I hope you make it to Steep Point next year, it is worth it. Jill

  4. Kam says:

    What a nice post! Can’t believe a shark was that close! Love the pic of you hanging off the sign xx

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