The Truth About Bush Camping


It’s been awhile since our last blog mostly because we have been out of range while we have been bush camping. Along with camping comes days and days without showers, digging holes in the ground to do your ‘business’, and the connection with nature. Uncle Joe gave us a book, “How to Shit in the Woods” which we both read and took notes from. But Uncle Joe, things have changed and the book is out dated. People now have a tall tent next to their caravan with a potty toilet in it to do their business. Some of you may be cringing at the thought of walking 100m away from your campsite, only to hope you don’t spot a snake en route, then dig a hole 30cm deep, pull your dacks down and do your shit. Then the cringe (or smile for you Scott), when you catch a glimpse of what you have done while you fill the hole. Some of you will be disgusted with me discussing this topic, but just think what all these other people are doing in their potties. They carry their poo poo with them in their car until they reach a dump point!!! Now the thought of that disgusts me, and that’s why I have refused to get one of these compulsory toilets for some campsites!

Now, the showering… I spoke to my family yesterday whom have known we have been bush camping for the past 6 days, and the first question they ask me is, “have you had a shower yet?” My answer was a loud, “NOOOO” to which I am sure they could hear my proud smile from ear to ear. But I lied. We shower in the ocean every few days. In the Shark Bay area the water was freezing cold, even at midday so it was a quickie. Plus, I get my flannel most days and do a head to toe wash, however I am very mindful of how much water I use as we are currently about ~100km from any water. A few days ago I said to Matt he looked ‘wild’ with his hair like an afro, but yesterday he looked like a sleazy Italian with his hair greased to his head. You know what amazes me though, both of our skin is pimple free and glowing. But neither of us care that we have not had a ‘shower’ as you may call it, where the water runs freely from spout from above your head, or use a thing call shampoo to remove the dirt and oil off your head.


The connection with nature is one of the fine points of travelling. A swim in the ocean, followed by sprinting up the beach with Molly at my tail, then racing her to Matt, with me beating her to Matts arms while he spins me around, usually follows by the words of “This is why I love travelling”. We both love the freedom we get from being in nature, where there are no responsibilities other than for ourselves and our 2 doggies. We love how there are limited distractions, so what is left is 2 human beings and 2 doggy beings with the sound of the ocean flowing freely like life, the feel of the breeze brushing on our skin like our responsibilities leaving us, and the sight of the birds gliding freely and peacefully in the sky like our own souls. Then there is the connection of love between us all where my heart opens so that I can feel it way beyond my own physical body and I feel the oneness of life.


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4 Responses to The Truth About Bush Camping

  1. Tyrhone says:

    Sounds great, not having to shower every day and even sh1tting in the open. I think you’re right, carrying your ablutions around with you seems somewhat warped.

  2. Estée says:

    What a funny post. Thanks for the laughs smelly, enlightened ones 🙂 xx

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