Family Fun


It’s Molly’s seventh birthday today and Benson turned sixteen two days ago. We decide to have a family outing at Monkey Mia for the day to say hi to the dolphins and enjoy the scenery. And as I am learning how to be a better photographer I thought it would be a great opportunity to get some shots.

The dogs were a little curious about the dolphins, although Molly was not game enough to get in with them as she is when we are catching fish.



Molly and Benson also love to chase the birds, but these ones stood their ground and it was Molly and Benson backing off this time.


We decided to walk along the beach to the red coastal cliffs. About a half hour away, but with Benson plodding along it took over an hour. But even as he was tiring, you could see he was in his element, doing his most favourite thing in the world.

Half way there we see an Emu sniffing around down on the beach. I walk ahead and as I approach him, snapping away with my camera, he doesn’t seem too phased. As he lazily heads towards us, picking away at what’s been washed up on the beach, he keeps one eye on me.


I am using a wide angle lens which makes things look quite far away, and as I lift the camera away from my eye he is right in front of me, two meters away.


I hear Jill calling out and I see that Molly is next to me, and she isn’t afraid of this bird, regardless of it being as tall as me. Not wanting to see how they might get on I pick up Molly in one hand and keep shooting with the other as the emu walks around us, where I find Jill yelling at Benson as he stares the big bird down, with a fish hanging out of his mouth.


I don’t know if it is his small dog syndrome or that he doesn’t want to lose his catch, but he starts growling and charging at the emu. The emu stands his ground, but Benson doesn’t back down and the emu runs in circles, chased by a dog smaller than a cat, barks muffled by the fish in his mouth.



Then mr emu stops and takes a lunge at Benson. Jill stares on, horrified.


But Benson stays staunch and again gives chase. Around in a few more circles then the emu decides this little dog isn’t worth it and runs up the beach, and Jill quickly runs in and grabs Benson as he tries to keep up with the big bird.



We continue down the beach, Benson holds his head high and has a little more bounce in his step. It is such a beautiful day. So still and clear. We really appreciate being in such a beautiful country and that we have the opportunity to explore it.

It’s amazing to see the red cliffs stop dead in the white sand which slides into the bright blue waters of Shark Bay.


We decide to drive the caravan down some bush tracks and park on top of the dunes overlooking this beautiful spot. It’s really nice to go to sleep surrounded by nature. No traffic noises or neighbors TV or music. The stars are so bright and there seems to be a billion more than you are used to. And there’s no doubt the doggies are having the time of their life.


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8 Responses to Family Fun

  1. Tyrhone says:

    Wow, looks great. I never ended up goign to Monkey Mia and it is from your photos my loss. Great action shots with the Emu, gotta love the bravado in small dogs 🙂

  2. Clare says:

    Wow what a great family outing! Those dogs had a great birthday. It’s so beautiful up there. I’m missing wearing shorts!!! Enjoy guys. Xx

  3. Absolutely beautiful, and what an adventure with the Emu! Hilarious!! Love the last post too Jill, but for some reason I didn’t comment. I’m enjoying following your journey guys 🙂

  4. Marjorie McCaughey says:

    OMG, what a great time you guys are having, never been to money mia or coral bay. Now on my to do list. Really jealous that your still in shorts, cooling down here. Look forward to reading more about your adventures. Happy birthday to Molly and Benson, seems like the whole family are having the times of there lives. Marj, Caroline, Lauren (shents)

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  6. Hi Jill! You guys look like you are having so much fun. I love the emu pictures! I will be following along.


    • MattJill says:

      Hi Marissa, that photo of the emu is a crack up!! Matt has an great eye for capturing great moments.
      I had a look at you blog too. I love it and look forward to following. If you need any tips on SEA I am happy to share. It is a great part of the world, and like you said it’s cheap. I also have another blog you may enjoy Jill

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