I Love The Moments When…

This morning has been full of the moments I live life for.

I love the moments… when you laugh so hard that your belly hurts and you can not get any words out. I loved the moment on the jumping pillow when Matt and I jumped like small children giggling and laughing.

I love the moments.. when you realise you are amazing, absolutely amazing. I loved my creative flare ignited and I create a logo for my new blog I am creating. I love that I had no idea how to use Illustrator a few days ago and now I have a friggin awesome artwork.

I love the moments… when you go for your first surf after 5 months, accept your own scariness and catch the first wave you go for. I love riding along the wave, with the wave crashing behind you, and you ride it like you were surfing everyday.

I love the moments… when you smile so much that your cheeks hurt, just because.

I love the moments… when you drive home after the surf and the music is cranked so loud. I love how it doesn’t matter if you get the words wrong because its only this moment that counts.

I love how I don’t have any photos for this mornings moments, because they are just a memory in my heart.

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4 Responses to I Love The Moments When…

  1. Tyrhone says:

    I love being able to be lazy and not having it be an issue, true story! Also feel you on the creative stuff. I always feel better after getting stuck into some artistic stuff. You should try Photoshop, it’s my favorite.

    • MattJill says:

      Being lazy and not feeling a bit of guilt is sensational – because who really cares? No one!
      I seem to be managing in illustrator, it’s a steep learning curve. I will have a play in Photoshop too. Why do you prefer photoshop over illustrator?

  2. Doris says:

    I love that you are feeling so happy Jill and Matt!!

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