It Is True, The Crabs Are Huge This Year

Matt and his crab

In preparation for our Around Australia Odyssey, we have been working hard in buying bits and bobs, making changes and packing our caravan for departure on 8 April 2013. This weekend we had a ‘trial’ weekend, where we met friends in Mandurah for a weekend camping and crabbing.

We stayed at the Estuary Hideaway Holiday (Caravan) Park which was not exactly worth its dollars, $35/night for an unpowered site, with NO FRESH WATER!! However, positives far out weighed that issue. We were surrounded by friends, and dogs and other friendly camping neighbours. We had front view of the estuary, and the best is still to come.

As agreed Friday night when we went to bed, we would all be rising at 5.30am to go scooping for crabs. Unfortunately the winds were around early, but that didnt deter us, we were still eager to catch a feed. The waters were murky, so murky that we couldn’t even see our feet. We all wore shoes in the water to prevent any anxiety surrounding big nippers biting our tootsies. After 30 minutes or so when our hopes were low as we had no crabs, Jill finally catches a crab. Looking into the water she see’s something on the ground which looks like a baby crocodile. She looks, looks again, slightly scared walks towards the shore. But something inside told her to scoop, and she did. Squeals of excitement turn heads of the group, and we measure the crab. It’s under sized by about 3mm, so we pop him back. But this catch inspires and excites the others to have a go again. This only last 10 minutes and we return to camp for breakfast.

Matt Ryan & James Scooping

Matt Ryan & James Scooping

Linda & Roza

Linda & Roza

After breakfast the winds completely drop leaving the water glassy, and the bottom of the estuary floor visible. Everyone but Jill heads off again for some more scooping for crabbies. Both Ryan and Matt catch a big crab each which creates excitement, however the task is very time consuming as 2 crabs takes 45 minutes to catch. In the meantime back at camp, an older guy offers his boat for us to use and catch crabs with nets. Jill collects the crew telling them of the boat & their success. As the team is slighltly frustrated the offer is taken up. The boys head off first, with Ryan the Skipper, and they catch 12 crabs. Next Roza & Jill head out with Matt and Ryan and we catch 6 more taking us to our quota of 20 crabs.

Matt & Ryan

Matt & Ryan

Jill pulling a crab

Jill pulling a crab

After the crabs were all nicely prepared we devoured the sweetest crabs we have ever had, and that was a whole concensus!!!

After a weekend away, and list started of more things we will need, the most important is still required. We need a name for our caravan. As this is of high priority and we are currenly slightly stumped, please put forward any suggestions.

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9 Responses to It Is True, The Crabs Are Huge This Year

  1. Linda says:

    Great photos to add to an awesome weekend!!

  2. Penny says:

    Hey guys – reminds me of crabbing in the “old days” – can’t beat a freshly caught and cooked Mandurah crab – it entails much fun outdoors and lots of gossip about the big ones that ‘got away’. We bought cooked crabs from the Boatshed for Valentine’s Day – not nearly as delicious as yours sound! xx Penny Good luck with the name!

    • MattJill says:

      Penny, Funny you mention ‘the one that got away’. I was pulling a crab net in on the boat, excited about the weight of it. Then the rope snapped, net lost!!! I know it would have been the biggest for sure :p
      – Jill

  3. Doris says:

    You can’t beat the beautiful blue skies we have here – the first photo is just magnificent. Glad to hear that you were able to come away with your crab quota. I’ll put my thinking hat on for caravan names

  4. I’m so jealous guys, I LOVE crabs and have never caught them myself, but it looks like so much fun (and hard work, but it seems was worth it). I can’t think of a name but I’m thinking maybe something to do with surfing like a favourite break from your travels or even the name of a memorable character you met along the way?

  5. Danielle Mason says:


  6. Clare says:

    Dreams on wheels?!?!?!?!

  7. Marita says:

    I’m sooo jealous too. Haven’t had a good feed of crabs forever – nothing like the ones you catch yourself. Glad you guys had so much fun

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