New Outlooks on Perth Life

It has been awhile since our last blog, and a little has changed since then. We have returned back to our hometown in Perth, Australia on Christmas Eve only to find out that our family was well aware of our surprise return home. As much as I was disappointed, I am glad they did find out as I am the type of person who snoops for presents, likes to give surprises but not receive them. But now I am glad I was on the receiving end of someone else spoiling the surprise and can happily say that I am now more open to receiving gifts and surprises.

Actually, returning to Perth has been full of eye openers and interesting changes of perception. We have been home nearly 3 weeks now and we both have grasped the opportunity to integrate all the positive stuff we have learnt during our 9 months of travelling to city/home life.

The first shift back at work was a huge slap in the face to say the least. I was immediately confronted with all the reasons why I did not want to be a nurse. However, Matt picked me up from work that evening and I winged and complained, feeling helpless and frustrated. But as I was speaking I soon remembered something I read while I was away, “if you are not in a state of ACCEPTANCE, ENJOYMENT or ENTHUSIASM you need to look closely as you will find you are suffering”. As soon as I became aware of my suffering I instantly accepted why I am working for these 3 months while we are in Perth. And surprisingly (actually it’s not really a surprise) all my shifts have been much more pleasant, I find happier situations/people and laugh at work.

One of the awesome things about returning to Perth is that I have come to realise that some people will dissipate from my life, and some friendships from Perth will really blossom. One of those special friends sends inspirational quotes to me regularly. During the week she sent me this one, “We must travel in the direction of our fear”. My instant response back to her was, “What fear are you running towards?” My question took me by surprise, and I too asked myself the same thing. Wow, what fear am I running towards, not away from? For me it was about running towards the Unknown. To me, it is scary not knowing what is around the corner, but this year with Matt’s love, I am more peacefully saying that, “I don’t know” and I am ok with that… some of the time.

Within a week of returning to Perth, in true Matt & Jill style, we purchased the perfect caravan . We giggled all the way home while we towed our new ‘home’, laughing about how quickly things work out for us now. Early April we plan to set off to travel around Australia. We have come to realise that Australia does have the best beaches so we want to check them all out. We have already started loading the caravan and quickly realising we are taking a lot of stuff – surfboards, 3 bikes, 2 dogs, 2 tents etc.

Stuff… this brings me to the next point. Stuff – cars, clothes, appliances, tables, makeup, shoes lounges, houses, tv’s…. It is so obvious after being in developing countries how much stuff we hold. There is so much money rolling through Perth, with everyone in their shiny cars, new houses or renovated houses. I know these are generalisations, but back in October when we returned for a short while, I felt inferior to all the “shiny stuff” people were holding onto. And now, in December I hold a welcomed peace. The power of ‘Aloha’ – the Spirit of Love, taught me more about loving myself, truly as I am. I return to Perth, completely comfortable in my skin, still wearing my ‘travelling attire’, happy and detached from my stuff. I even lost a special nurse badge during the week, and realised after a few hours that the only value it held was the one I gave it, so I let it go. My belongings that remain in Perth no longer hold power over me, to show to the world who I am, as now I truly know the truth of me is what lies inside.


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6 Responses to New Outlooks on Perth Life

  1. Marita says:

    I love your “musings” Jill and always learn from them. I’ll definitely look out for when the acceptance, enjoyment and enthusiasm isn’t happening!!! So happy you’ve had the realization about the shiny stuff – why then do we need to amass it???? Simplicity is definitely the way to go. Your caravan looks awesome. Matt you’re looking like a serious surfer with the blond hair. (and the shell beads) Much love, Marita

  2. Tyrhone says:

    Congrats on maintaining your “travel persona”, when we went back to Perth it was difficult to be thrust back into the shiny things world, but having a sort of outside perspective showed us that we were indeed doing the right thing by packing our shit and leaving! 🙂

  3. A great post, Jill, words of wisdom indeed. I’m excited for you guys about the caravan and your upcoming journey! Something tells me you guys will be happy wherever you are, after everything you have learned about yourselves this last year. Look forward to more of your insights 🙂

  4. Rachel Diamond says:

    Love your post, Jill. Your words warm my heart and make me feel more positive and peaceful about my own life. The message of Aloha certainly is special. Your caravan looks perfect! What an exciting time ahead. I’m so glad that you’re also enjoying your time in Perth. Thank you for writing. I know we will meet again someday. xo

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