The Best Thing In Life Are Free

Matt, Rachel, Matt, Josh, Amanda & Jill

Matt, Rachel, Matt, Josh, Amanda & Jill

Travelling has taught us both to meet people a lot easier and make friends quickly otherwise we would be spending every second of the day with only each other. And here we are again leaving our friends which we feel like we have known for years.

Firstly, we met Amanda & Josh, from Maine (USA), at our camp ground. On this week we missed the first set up day so missed our usual campsite, and set ourselves up next to our to-be new friends. We automatically hit it off and the rest is history. They scored a house 10 minutes away so we scored ourselves our first hot shower in months. But it wasn’t just their hot water and oven that attracted us to them, it is their sweet kindness and bubbly personalities. Another bonus in our relationship is Amanda’s cooking. My mouth is watering reminesing over the coconut & choc chip cookies she baked every time we visited.

One of the best things about surfing in Hawaii is there are so many chick surfers, so Jill was in heaven with all the friends she was meeting. As Matt & Jill were not surfing the same waves, Jill surfed the beach break and always returning to Matt saying, “I just met a chick who bla bla bla”. But one day when both of us surfed the beach break we met a particular happy, smiling chick, Rachel. We then met her hilarious boyfriend, Matt. Yes another Matt, and it was hard getting the attention of the right one. And they too had inviting fringe benefits to us campers – hot showers too, oven and a bed for us to sleep on during our last 2 nights in Kauai.

Over the months ore friendship blossomed as we took hikes, sat around bonfires with Rachel & Matt playing guitars and singing while we ate Smor’s, to Thanksgiving dinners, birthday celebrations, supporting Matt at an Open Mic Night, to xmas dinners which we all endlessly repeated, “this is the best ham I have ever eaten” and I still continue to say it today. Obviously we surfed together, we are in Hawaii after all.

Matt & Jill’s afternoon naps were dissapating as we were spending so much time together but it did not matter as we laughed and laughed at our endless silly jokes. I felt like a child again, full of energy, playing with our new friends. The best thing about our friendship is that we are all happy people and accept one another truly who for each person is.


Muscle Man

Together we are strong, able to fight off our fears of sharks

Beware the Eye of the Tiger!!!

Beware the Eye of the Tiger!!!

Blue Steel

Blue Steel

Can you beieve the size of this match?

Can you beieve the size of this match?


Fire Crackers

Fire Crackers




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9 Responses to The Best Thing In Life Are Free

  1. Rachel Diamond says:

    What a sweet bit of writing. You and Matt have touched my life in more ways than you may ever know. I am still talking and thinking about you daily and learning from your wise words. Happy memories to last a lifetime 🙂

    p.s. I write to you as Matthew composes and sings a poop song from the kitchen

    • MattJill says:

      Rachel, I adore you too. I loved our surf sesh’s together. With you I improved so much because we had so much fun, so thank you.
      And Matt, my Matt stank the airplane with his farts. So embarrassing!!!

      • Rachel Diamond says:

        Hahaha airplanes can do that to a person! No worries, Matt. Thank you for the kind words, Jill. I’m looking forward to our future sesh’s. How much better we will be by then!!!

      • MattJill says:

        Hey Rach, I made my vision board during the week and I put a photo of a chick surfing. It wasn’t until afterwards I realised how big the wave was, so that’s now what I’m going to be doing. So yes, we will be much better when we surf again together. Maybe some Australian waves?

  2. Clare Fuller says:

    Merry Christmas to you both!!!! Xx

  3. Joe says:

    Jill & Matt
    Hawaiian: ‘Mele Kalikimaka me ka Hau’oli Makahiki – Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year.

  4. susan rennie says:

    Awesome wisdom there you two. Hear you are spending Christmas in Aussie. Have a wonderful Christmas with the family. Look forward to the next part of your journey Love and blessings

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