Mother Nature Party

We thought skipping a winter in Perth was great especially when we heard reports of freezing nights, and less than glorious weather.

As we missed a whole winter season in Perth, Mother Nature & the Pacific Ocean have decided to throw us one great party. This party has been going on 3 nights now and it’s forecasted for another 2 more.

On the south coast we experienced about 2 inches of rainfall each night over two consecutive nights along with strong winds.

Now on the east coast we were given amazing lightening shows that almost continually lit our tent brilliantly. Then following bellowing thunder that at times was so close it was instantaneous after the lightening causing me to jump. It sounded like an explosion just 50 metres away. I must admit I was a little scared.

About 10.30pm we made a wee run, to find the grass had flooded. Luckily we have a slope down to the ocean one side and another to the car park on the other side.

We rose this morning to find the car park flooded up to the car axels. And that was in the shallow part.


We also found our pot, which we put under our tiny hole in our tent, had about 1 litre of water in it!


Thank you for the party Mother Nature, Pacific Ocean & Hawaii. You really do know how to impress us. I suspect the amount of rain received in the past 3 nights is more than Perth received in an entire winter season.

P.S thankfully we are still mostly dry.

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2 Responses to Mother Nature Party

  1. Oh dear! Full of surprises hey?! I had to giggle when I read about your ‘pot’, I had a different image in mind before I scrolled down to the photo. He he 🙂

  2. Marita says:

    Love how you came up with the title “Mother Nature Party” – funny sort of party, but another “experience” to add to your arsenal! How great that you car didn’t get bogged or the tent waterlogged. You guys are so blessed. Must have been pretty specky with the lightening – I can imagine why you were scared. Boy, life’s probably going to be pretty boring when you get back home, although if you do travel around Oz, there will be many more amazing adventures. You need to keep doing this stuff, as at the moment, I’m living vicariously through you guys!!

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