Jill’s excitement about thanksgiving and feelings of gratitude got me thinking about the things in my life that I am grateful for.

I am grateful for my ‘new’ life. A life that isn’t planned out so much any more, but is more spontaneous and intuitive.

The collective thoughts known as ‘society’ and what I think have less weight in my decision making now. The weight has shifted more towards what I feel and I pay much more attention to those little intuitive nudges.

By no means am I consistently living this way and making all the right decisions, but looking back I see that I have come a long way, and this new way of living is getting easier and more habitual for me. For this wisdom I am grateful.

I am grateful for my soulmate fiancée Jill. She lets me be me, whoever that might be at the time, and she never tries to change me. She supports me with her love and wisdom and helps me to see what is most important in life. She is generous, loving, gorgeous, fun, adventurous, humble, sexy, smart, healthy, happy. I am extremely grateful for Jill.

I am grateful for this amazing world we live in. The more I travel, the more amazed I am. The beauty of the land and its people, animals and plants. The sky and the ocean. As I write this swinging in my hammock I am amazed by the tree above me and forever grateful.

I am grateful for the glorious nectar provided by coffee beans.

I am grateful for surfing. The thrill of flying down the face, and all that exists is me and that wave. Or simply the time spent sitting in the ocean, gazing out to the big unknown or looking back onto land from a new perspective.

I’m grateful for my family and my friends, especially my mum!

I’m grateful for chocolate, music, cars, the sun, strangers smiling at me, football, singing birds, the internet, beer, hugs, books, motorbikes, curry and pretty much everything.

I am very grateful that the biggest project I was running in my company at the start of the year went to s#!t. The huge aeroplane hangar job was destroyed by a cyclone when it was half complete. The job then had to be rebuilt twice as strong in half the time. One of my best workers was put in hospital. The client was cutting the rates and the boys threatened to walk off the job.

I’m grateful that the stress from this job caused me to let go of a business I had no passion for. To question what I was doing with my time here on earth. And to travel the world, to give me the time and experiences to discover what I am passionate about. And to give me the courage to follow those passions.

I’m grateful for life, and I’m grateful that I’ve stopped wasting it!

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6 Responses to Gratitude

  1. Estée says:

    I’m very grateful that you’re my brother 🙂 Love you Matt xx

  2. Have loved catching up on your last three posts, you guys are absolute superstars and I LOVE reading about your adventures and insights. Peace and Love, Sarah 🙂

  3. Marita says:

    What can i say? I am overwhelmed with gratitude to have such an inspiring son. Love you heaps Matty.

  4. Clare says:

    What beautiful words you both write! Each time I read your blog I’m amazed by your adventures and inspired to hopefully one day get myself sorted so I can travel to different places around the world. X

  5. Sara says:

    I am grateful that you are my little bro too Matt & am also grateful that you have brought you beautiful Jill into our family. Love you guys xx

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