Who Am I to Judge?


Nearly 3 weeks into our Hawaiian adventure we are starting to make friends, in particular at our campsite. The people we are meeting range from families, to teenage party goers, to homeless, from young old and everything in between.

The connections we have made the most are with 3 homeless gentlemen all in their 50’s. 2 of them whom we see daily are surfers so the topic of swell, winds and surf locations comes up daily.

Sean, a energy worker, lives in his van and works on sustainable living ideas. He’s surfed his whole life but has currently suspended his surfing as he is working on experiencing the creativity, flow and oneness with the moment, that he gets from surfing, into his land living life. He likes to create business by connecting like minded people whom he shares the same passions.

Dick, worked for a large surfing and skating company most of his life but left them many years ago. He tells us tonight while fighting back tears and a swelling throat that he hasn’t had a pay check for 4 and a half years. He doesn’t have a car here so uses his bike to ride everywhere. However he his pursuing his passion and creativity into making skate parks. He had a frustrating day and appreciated an ear to talk to. He created a huge mandala in the sand which illuminated in the full moonlight and often talks about conspiracy theories.

And Fred, an astrologist, whom has been working on and off for ‘awhile’. We had an interesting chat about star signs, rising signs and moons. He fills us in on our astrology while sharing his. He also loves psychic work and tells us about psychics that told him things he’s never told anyone. I’m not sure where he sleeps, maybe on the beach?

While washing the dishes tonight, I thought of all three gentlemen wondering about their happiness and their lives. I pondered for a while and came to the conclusion of:

“Who am I to judge?”

Each man is interesting and passionate and that’s why I like hanging out with them, and that’s all that matters, not their circumstances.

On becoming aware of my judgement on these three gentlemen it made me wonder what gives me the right to judge someone else on their circumstances and happiness? Is it to feed MY ego and make me feel better about MYSELF? Once I became aware that I was judging them it instantly did not matter and disappeared. Interesting.

And now while writing this blog I have another realisation moment about the judgement I place upon myself. If I were to let go of all judgements of myself and others, all that would be left is…LOVE!

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14 Responses to Who Am I to Judge?

  1. I’m lost for words at the beauty of yours. I love the path of awakening that you are experiencing, it’s so wonderful to read about and inspires me to follow my own.Thank you!

    • MattJill says:

      I am happy to hear my realisation inspired you. In so many ways you have been an inspiration to us, and were an inspiration and confidence for us to travel Indefinitely. So thank you 🙂
      – Jill

  2. Marita says:

    I agree with Sarah – you guys are an inspiration.
    I spent the weekend doing a workshop in Sydney with Amir Zoghi who teaches just that – http://www.befreepeople.com Any form of judgment or “identity” that we have about ourselves causes separation and puts us in a box that creates limitation. We are only truly free when we live from our passion. I’m not sure I’d want to live like these guys though, although “who am I to judge”??
    Awesome that you guys are meeting such a wide variety of people – and learning so much about yourselves through them.
    My heart is deeply touched by your wisdom

    • MattJill says:

      It’s surprising that my little realisation has had a profound effect on others. There will be more if these to follow (an idea I have had since arriving to Hawaii).
      – Jill 🙂

  3. Sara says:


  4. Danielle Mason says:

    Again I say I’m so happy Matty found you, you are an amazing girl Jill and your insight touches me on so many levels.
    I so enjoy watching you on your journey through life and all its realizations. Having the ability to be in touch with your true emotions is both a gift and hard work as well.
    It took a good 2 years to handle the emotion I felt fir the homeless on the streets in America it has given me such a humble feeling I could never have achieved of a life that I could almost have had and a depth of gratitude that will stay with me always.
    You rock Jill . Love, live, explore and tell us more of what your open heart finds along the way ! X

    • Andy Jankowski says:

      Hello Jill,

      I appreciate your thoughts on others less fortunate – would’nt you love to be able help them all in some way or other.
      My freedom?……I’m out of Shents at last, on crutches and hobbling around the house, so you DID help me !!!!

      Travel safely the pair of you!!! X Andy

      • MattJill says:

        Hi Andy
        So glad to hear you are out of Shents.
        As with Shents, I get to meet a wide variety if people. It’s one of the reasons why I enjoy nursing.
        Happy recovery
        – Jill

    • MattJill says:

      Hi Dan
      There will be more blogs like these to follow. It’s exciting writing about our adventures but its even better when someone else learns too from our lessons too.
      Love Jill x

  5. Joe says:

    Hi Jill & Matt!
    Just want to drop you a line and say Good Day! Tsunamis at night…big surf … homeless friends …camping on the beach front … all adds to individual life experience … take care!!
    Joe … 🙂

    • MattJill says:

      Hi Uncle Joe
      You summed up our first few weeks here perfectly. We are loving it here, surrounded by lush mountains, blue oceans and full rivers.
      I hope you are good too.
      – Jill

  6. Hannah says:

    This was so achingly beautiful and resonant. I try to live without judgement, but it isn’t always easy, and sometimes negative thoughts can come creeping back in. Your post really inspired me to be more aware of my thoughts, and remain as open to other people’s choices as possible.

    • MattJill says:

      Hi Hannah
      Judgement has been a friend of mine for awhile. I actually had a friend whom even called me ‘Judgemental Jill’. So it’s something I have been looking at and trying to understand for awhile. But something so precious was realising that if I didn’t judge others or myself then there is only love. And that is more important to share.
      – Jill

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