Road Trip On Oahu

Matt driving our rental

Arriving to Waikiki, Honolulu we felt disappointed spending time in the city. For us it is just another city, but on a beach. There are plenty of people around, lots of high rises and too many surfers at one break! On the positive though we picked up a few bargains – clothes are much cheaper here. And we also learnt how to make yummy Smor’s at a local family house. It is a sandwich with the bread being wheat biscuits, the meat being a melted marshmallow and the cheese is chocolate. My mouth is melting reminiscing about it. 

With our easy earnt cash we hired a car and took a tour around the island.

This blog is a short capture of the pretty island.

Matt & Jill on the East Coast

Matt eating Shrimp at Giovanni’s Van at Halewia

Admiring the beautiful and special houses on the beach front near Pipeline

Watching waves at Northshore (its only a small swell on this day)

Watching Surfers at Northshore on a small swell

Funky art in Halewia (Surfing Capital of the World)




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2 Responses to Road Trip On Oahu

  1. Doris says:

    You both look well tanned and relaxed. The shrimp looked pretty good too! Now all you need is some decent waves!

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