A Few Lessons From The Airport

Arriving at the check in counter with 2 hours to go seems normally ok, but this is one of the biggest airports in the world and when we arrived it took 2 hours to leave the airport! So a little apprehensive (an understatement) Matt sets off to collect our surfboards from storage and I go to the AirAsia counter to line up. Matt quickly arrives when I do as I exited the wrong floor when we separated doh!

At the counter we weigh our bags and surfboards. We knew we had our surfboard weights and bags the wrong way around which they didn’t let us change online. Matt tried to remain optimistic but this is a low cost carrier, they don’t care. So surfboards were 18kgs underweight and bags 5kgs overweight for each of us. The lady at the counter told us we can not combine the weight which would still be way under our total amount purchased.

Stressed out we abruptly encouraged a few people out the way and we removed the clothes from our bags stuffing them into our surfboard bags, weighing our bags each time. Other passengers behind us were equally unhappy with the situation, but at us, not AirAsia.

The AirAsia lady, a little annoyed & stressed too, once again said we can’t put clothes with our surfboards. I fierily snapped “this is padding for our boards! You damaged our boards on our last flight so this padding will be staying here!” She didn’t try again to say “no” and bla bla. I managed to say “korp kun ca” (thank you) despite my little tanty.

We raced through passport control and we managed to complete the process within and hour. I apologised to Matt for snapping at him too and we laughed the rest of the time at the water fountains, the vanity of the customers in the cosmetic section and how we look like Ken and Barbie in our matching outfits. If only I had pink on my shoes..


We found our favourite icecream parlour Cream & Fudge Factory and had an icecream lunch. We pay with our last baht and put the rest on credit card.


Despite all the stress, our flight has been delayed. Now I sit here and reflect my tanty and high stress levels, it was all pointless unless I want to give myself a stomach ulcer (which i don’t). I am reminded again that everything always seems to work out just perfectly. The laughter we shared at the water fountain was priceless and what life is all about.

That was going to be the end of the blog, but just as Matt finished proof reading it and had another laugh with Jill, he looked down and saw $50 Aus at his feet. I guess that confirms that laughing things off is the way to go.

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3 Responses to A Few Lessons From The Airport

  1. susanrennie says:

    Way to go!! Next you will be writing a blog on the trials and tribulations of air travel Matt and Jill style.

  2. Nice one guys, a score on the $50 (that’ll buy a lot of icecream) and love the outfits! Going ‘home’? Have fun and take care, love the journey you’re on and look forward to your next adventure!

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