See-Food Diet in Bangkok

A new country, new adventures and new food. We have lived off rice and curry for 5 months and loved it. But now it’s Thai food and our mouths are watering.

When we chose our country of destination, food is always a deciding factor. Actually the main reason we went to India was because we wanted to eat curries every day. Our expectations and stomachs were fulfilled.

In Bangkok we realised very quickly Thais do not eat 3 meals a day, they tend to eat 4-5 meals per day which are of small, snack like servings. As always, we have embraced the local way and indulged in ‘rot khen’ (local vendor) foods.

So far we have tried mouthwatering pork skewers…

And refreshing ‘Sam Yam’ (papaya salad) – green papaya with chili, lime, brown sugar, fish sauce, peanuts, bean sprouts, coriander…

In China Town we explored the markets and tried fried bananas, pork sausages, pork and noodle soup, some delicious fried pattie things and pomegranate fresh juice.

Our See-Food diet has not stopped here. There are many varieties of food, and we are eating like the king for less than $8 per person per day!!! How are we ever going to survive back in Australia again when we have adapted to some of the worlds best foods?

Egg and Coconuts things

Scrumptious Chinese fried patties

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