Making Decisions

So with the Philippines now off the cards, we still had a decision to make. We started researching places, going into town to use the fickle internet, discussing costs, surf size, crowds, seasons, accommodation.

And there were so many options, it became overwhelming:
The many islands of Indonesia
New Zealand
Sri Lanka

We were going around in circles, it made us dizzy. There were so many “buts” and “what ifs.” It was actually becoming a boring conversation and a frustrating one.

“Right!” We agreed. “No talking about it for a few days. Lets get back to living in the present and we’ll just see what happens.”

A day later after a fun surf session.
“Matt, I really want to go to Hawaii”
“Yea me too. Let’s go!”

And that’s how our decision was made. And then we were provided with so many solutions on how we can still do it on a budget. We scored tickets for $479. And two different people explained how we could very cheaply get a car and camp. Amazing huh?

The message of this story for us is to go for what you really want in life and the universe will help make it happen. There is no point dwelling on the how’s and what ifs. Be brave and trust it will all work out.


P.S it’s been awhile since the last surf update. So here is a quick fill in. Matt is doing extremely well. He wants/needs a shorter board now. And Jill is progressing really well and now starting to go along with waves and attempting some steeper take offs.

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6 Responses to Making Decisions

  1. susan rennie says:

    I love the fact that you could trust your intuition and not get swayed. You really are riding the wave of life. Love Susan

  2. Sara says:

    Hello my lovlies….Always, always trust your intuition it was of vital importance to our travels on more than one occasion! Oh and Japan is definately a place to visit in January say the 15th Niseko…….put it on your list xxx

    • MattJill says:

      Hi Sara. We promised each other while we travel, if we had a ‘feeling’ about something we would always listen to each other. So we are always safe despite if our families worry about us 🙂
      We are still considering Japan. We wont be able to work there now dye to Hawaii. We will keep you posted. Love Jill xox

  3. Good on you guys! As you know we just had a similar ‘dilemma’ about where to go next, though our decision wasn’t made as effortlessly as you! Aloha!

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