Trusting Your Intuition

Recently Matt and I have had a dilemma on where we wanted to go next. With Sri Lankan visas expiring in September we were faced with many destinations and choices.

Our discussions ran a little like this.
“What about Indonesia?”
“I’m not sure I can surf well enough to go there. However they do have good food”.
“What about Philippines?”
“Maybe, yeah ok. Do they have surf?”
“What about traveling around Australia surfing?”
“What about Burma?”
“Not very consistent surf”.

This went along for a few weeks with Philippines being the place of most interest. Matt was very eager to go, but I had an inkling that was holding me back. It couldn’t be explained why I didn’t jump at the idea. Was I afraid? But afraid of what? The war? The uncertainty of the unknown waves (I am a beginner after all)? Seemingly unappetizing food?

$15 tickets to Philippines became available but something inside was saying no. Matt encouraged me to sit on it for a few days. I tossed the idea around, tried to explore possible fears but nothing of reasonable rationale came out if it. I also had a guilty notion for possibly missing a good opportunity to be in a relatively unexplored area with good surf.

One morning, I said to Matt I think we should trust this as my intuition and not just fear. And that was that, we weren’t going. I still felt guilty for saying no, but I decided to trust it. On that same day we had an Australian family come to stay at the farm. Within the first 30 minutes they filled us in on some world news. Philippines is under water from some of its largest typhoons. The area we wanted to go the area was 3m under water and some people had lost their lives.

Obviously I was saddened to hear about the devastation, but hugely relieved. I also was glad I had the courage to trust my gut.

And today I am reminded of the importance of trusting those feelings that can’t be explained as I read online about their current earthquakes and more devastation.

To be continued…

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5 Responses to Trusting Your Intuition

  1. Doris says:

    Listening to that inner voice is very important as is doing a little research too!

  2. Doris says:

    Loved the photo of the red flowers – reminded me of a Hawaiian lei. I think you will love the vibe there.

  3. Hey guys, love this! Not the tragedy in Philipines of course, but of trusting your gut. I didn’t feel the pull for either the Philipines, Burma or Vietnam whilst we were in SE Asia and felt a similar ‘guilt’ as you, weird hey?!

    • MattJill says:

      There are so many opportunities out there to explore these seemingly unexplored awesome places. So I understand this ‘guilty’ notion. But there is entire world out there for us to explore.

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