Learning to be

Today we make our way to Arugam Bay, Sri Lankas famed surf beach. There are three ways to go, share an a/c taxi van with some other tourists, take a tuk tuk, or take two slow, crowded busses.

Lately we have been working on living in the moment, more in our intuition, not in our heads.

To be successful in this we have progressively been removing the beliefs society has instilled in us, such as judging anything as good or bad, believing we must fulfill our desires to be happy (this never keeps us happy for long) and that everyone and everything is not completely connected.

Yes it is very Zen, but since we have been giving this a go we have felt happier and much more relaxed about life.

So what better way to practice this than by taking the bus. As we climb the steps we see there’s no seats left on the bus and there are about five people already standing in the aisle. We forget our desires for a comfortable seat, no problem we have some big backpacks we can sit on.

At the front of the bus we lock ourselves in as best we can as we are flying left and right through a series of hairpin mountainous roads and the driver doesn’t like to use the brake much, except for when he’s stomping it like a cockroach. So we practice going with the flow and flick around like daisies in the wind.

The bus starts to really fill up and I practice feeling connected with others as armpits from arms holding on for dear life hover around my nose and a woman who clearly must be narcoleptic falls asleep on my leg.

We love it when we stop at a bus terminal and about six guys selling all sorts strange snacks squeeze on and make there way back and forth up the aisle, all yelling over and over what ever they each are selling, the hot buttered corns smell delicious and the chanting is mantra like.

After two and a half hours we get to our change over terminal and our next bus is waiting for us, just enough time for Jill to use the toilet and run and jump on the bus as it’s pulling out of the terminal.

We laugh at how synchronistic we have been lately, as before we used to wait up to hours for the right bus, recently there has been the perfect bus ready to go whenever we get to the station. Maybe we really are getting more in touch with our intuition.

This driver doesn’t seem to be in as much of a hurry, as he lolls along, the one and a half hour ride turns into two and a half hours. That’s okay, we can practice a little more patience and enjoy the beautiful scenery.


Jill attracts some odd attention from the man in the seat behind. As he is tapping on the window sill his hand slowly makes it’s way closer to Jill’s shoulder and he somehow thinks his tapping will best be enjoyed under her arm. I had to tell him to keep his hands to himself, and when he looked at me blankly I grabbed his hand and shoved it in his lap. This one I had to try a bit harder to practice non judgement, but I felt a lot better when I did.

As we jumped off the bus at our stop after five hours of traveling, we walked twenty meters and stared through the coconut palms in awe at the bright blue water beckoning us with lazy waves onto the crisp white sands and forgot completely that busses even existed.

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8 Responses to Learning to be

  1. don says:

    Im going to be judgmental
    Whats the surf doing?
    Its a sick wave, three tube sections, floater sections.
    Is there a shop out on the point still.
    If you bump into Rupa and Mary of Rupas Beach Hotel, say Hi from Don & Sars

    • MattJill says:

      Hey Donny, the point will have to wait for us. We’re at the lighthouse about 8 km north for about a week. Beginner waves for Jill and only a few cabanas on the beach out here so zero crowds. Will def say hi to Rupa and Mary when we get back to A-Bay, we hear they do ripper food too. We’ll be here at least a month, come join us for a paddle!

  2. Helen says:

    Recently Molly has been trying your sense of freedom and adventure (with a few in tow). You both inspire me to enjoy the peace and trust she will come home.

    • MattJill says:

      Hey Helen, after talking to her today, I think Jill wants you to bring Molly with you. Maybe we can get a long board and teach her to surf on the front.

  3. Awesome post, I love how you guys are really letting go and allowing yourselves to be taken on a true journey. I echo your sentiments, and am currently attempting to surrender to the flow of life, rather than manipulate and control. Not easy, but things go so much better when I do. Enjoy that ocean, sounds amazing 🙂

    • MattJill says:

      Cheers Sarah, yea it’s a bit scary, a bit exciting but mostly it just feels right. Enjoy your journey and Bali’s beautiful beaches and people.

  4. Marita says:

    Loved the bus story. and glad to see you’re being good practising love and light, non judgment, patience etc. Let me know the secret if you can do it long term. – reckon I could do with a bit more of that. . Enjoy the surf. I’m in Byron Bay at the moment doing a week’s workshop and one of the ladies I’m staying with said her 2 boys were surfing in Sri Lanka but just got out in time before a cyclone went through. Keep your eye on the horizon eh?? AND HAVE LOTS A FUN

  5. Doris says:

    Sounds like you are really chilling out. Seeing all the green landscape and then the beautiful water must be a nice change from the other congested areas. There is something very soothing about being around green fields and the ocean. I guess that’s why we love visiting tropical north Queensland.
    I’m glad that you gave the guy on the bus a strong message Matt. I’m surprised he thought he could get away with getting that friendly.
    We are getting a big dose of cold weather here although the skies for the past few days are nice and blue so its not too miserable. Enjoy the heat and surf. LOL D&R xx

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