Learning About Me

View from our Balcony

Feeling restless for the past two days I did what I knew how to. I pulled out my running shoes and clothes and went for my first run since my triathlon.

It felt so good to get those legs moving again and feel the oxygen pumping through my body. A few kilometres down the road I decided I wanted to sit by the Ganga. Matt gave me a lesson on climbing down cliffs when we were in Nepal. So all by myself I jumped down the cliffs to the beach. Yes it is actually a beach with white sparkly sand. I don’t know if it was the love from the Ganges or just ‘letting go’ but I had streams of tears down my eyes. I felt so relieved. I run back home to Matt with a big smile on my face and told him today is going to be a great day.

About a week or so ago Matt and I decided each morning we would read a lesson from the ‘Art of Living’ by Epictetus written in AD55. Essentially all of the lessons were about ‘control’ – what we can and can not control. Being in India we are learning quickly to accept experiences that we can not control and taking action on the things we can. As a result we absolutely love this country. On reflection I have realised there are so many things, thoughts, feelings and experiences I try to control. So many are of them are expected by ‘society’. As I make my way through daily lessons that are presented to me I am growing into my true self. I am so grateful that we are on this indefinite travel adventure and have all the time in the world.

Reflection time

After a delicious breakfast over looking the Ganges I said to Matt that I wanted to get my palm read. So off I go in search for the one to tell me what my future holds. I meet Bhupendra Sharma, a local Indian male from Rishekesh. After he sets up all his crystals and performs some small rituals he looks at my palm. As expected it is all good news. The biggest news of all is that I will be moving to another country by 2014 to live forever. Sorry family and friends I am not going to be with you forever, only in your hearts. Apparently I am destined to have 4 children, however one is going to be a miscarriage. I will be very successful when I am 35 and will be governing something very big. I will have two careers. Apparently nursing is not one of them, as I am ‘too creative and have good imagination’. He said nursing is too limiting for me. Agree! He mentioned I should do acting (agree again, I want to star in a Bollywood movie), or write a novel (bingo!). Who knows what my life will bring, but I am super excited to be part of it.

In the afternoon Matt and I went on a search for the perfect yoga and meditation ashram. We went into a few and met some people but did not find the ‘one’. Late in the afternoon we called Phool Chatti Ashram which is 5km upstream and made enquires. It sounded perfect and we said we would like to see the place tomorrow.

At 6.30am this morning we wake to our alarm. We have a date with Bhupendra Sharma at 7am for a meditation session. Excitingly we walk to his house. We are offered tea and then he teaches us some of his techniques. We learn about sitting positions, and do some breathing and meditation exercises. We feel so relaxed when we leave his house. I love spending time with Bhupendra Sharma. He has a sense of peace and smiles and laughs often.

Later in the mornign we head off for our destined retreat. Along the way we stop by a small waterfall. There were two strange insects playing in the water, which we assumed were mating. The male (we think) flaps its wings slowly at first then increases in speed and buzzes around the assumed female. We break into laughter watching this small creature ‘flirting’ with its mate.

Living the Life

We arrive at Phool Chatti Ashram. Its beautiful. It has gardens filled with colourful flowers and huge mango trees filled with singing birds. It overlooks the Ganges rapids and is quite isolated from everything. There is no mobile reception and no Internet. We knew then this was the ‘one’. Our course starts on 2 May 2012 and completes on the 8 May 2012 (Matt’s bday). Every day we start 5.30am and practice yoga, meditations and do some dancing and singing. We are so excited and are eagerly counting the days.

After a hard day of walking we treated ourselves to some yummy deserts – crumbed biscuit with warm bananas, raisins, nuts, vanilla icecream and chocolate topping.


Love Jill

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4 Responses to Learning About Me

  1. Marita says:

    Awesome news Jill which I read from my phone on the bboard to lady musgrave island. Well b out of range for three days while camping. Much love

  2. Carol says:

    Hi Matt and Jill.
    Just started reading about your journey day before yesterday. I spent ages on the computer catching up. By the way “Congratulations” to you both on your engagement. What a way to start. That’s a day you’ll remember for the rest of your lives. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading of your adventures. It’s beautifully written and the photos give some reality . I’m having trouble with this space. It’s jumping up and down. We’re driving to South Australia early Sunday morning and I’m not taking my laptop so I’ll have a lot of catching up when we get back in about 3 weeks. Happy Birthday for the 8th Matt..Lots of love to you both

  3. Kate says:

    Chuck paid out the prince so blaire could have her divorce… are you sure you want to relocate and miss out on the drama? glad to see your both having a great time!! miss you both! xxx

  4. Laura Payne says:

    Embrace the journey of self discovery Jill…..it’s such an exciting journey. Laura x

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