New Delhi, Old Delhi and Delhi Belly

On the train from Varanasi to a station near New Delhi (as it was the only train with available seats) we are contemplating how we will actually get to Delhi. Jill makes conversation with an Indian about our age, Sabir.

Jill on the sleeper train to Delhi

It turns out he is catching another train like us to New Delhi. Thankfully he takes us under his wing. Sabir shows us how to to buy Metro station cards, shows us which train line to catch and pass security. He even went out of his way to catch another metro train with us to make sure we got to the right place. If it wasn’t for him I am sure we would have made it to our destination, Parharganj, but with our new friend we made it within an hour.

One of the many Metro levels

At the New Delhi Metro station we are informed we can’t cross the bridge without a platform Ticket so Sabir puts us in a tuk tuk with strict instructions, Do not pay more than 20 rupees (and tells the driver no commission!!!) He nervously leaves us after exchanging numbers and emails and did not want any money from us. ‘Guests are like family in India’ he says.

In the tuk tuk Jill realises we are heading the wrong way. We tell the driver to take us to Main Bazzar street. He lies and says ‘this is Main Bazzar,’ so when we stop we grab our bags and leave without paying a cent. Bastard! Next rickshaw takes us to our destination.

One day we took the Metro Train to Old Delhi. We now know how to navigate the complex, yet simple modern train system which is one of the best in the world. In Old Delhi we eat at a local eateries where we share a Thali set with yummy parathas. Those filled with potato taste like French fries and another filled with cashews taste like donuts. We then stroll the streets to find a dessert shop. We try these squiggly looking things which taste like the cornflake cakes with honey syrup you make as a kid. So sweet and delicious. Thinking that wasn’t enough of food we head to the spice market. The colours and smells were amazing But we didn’t venture that far into it as we were continuously sneezing.


For the first time in over a month we see the likes of KFC and McDonalds. We don’t know that many people who eat this back home but we wonder who here would eat it, with the massive array of delicious food on offer. Probably just tourists. Although the availability of REAL COFFEE was definitely a welcome surprise.


One night we went to the cinemas to see a Hindi movie, House Full 2. Obviously we couldn’t understand the words but we got the story of the movie. It was a pretty cool experience, I am sure more to come in Mumbai. Jill said we are definitely getting jobs as extras when we get to Bollywood in Mumbai.

On the whole Delhi is just another city. It was good to see but a couple of days is definitely enough. Actually Matt got the true experience of Delhi, he has Delhi Belly.

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8 Responses to New Delhi, Old Delhi and Delhi Belly

  1. Joe says:

    Hey Jill & Matt! Great to see you are winding your way through top end of India and sharing colourful experiences, … love the photo’s taken ….. you definetly got a knack for travel writing … reckon you should give freelance travel writing a go …Take care with a BIG SMILE!

  2. Marita says:

    Great story you guys – wonder where you would have ended up if Jill hadn’t realized you were going the wrong way in the tuk tuk?? How special for you to meet Sabir – it’s a pity in a way that he wouldn’t accept money as his kindness was so helpful.
    Sorry to hear about your Delhi Belly Matt – dont suppose the toilets are anything to write home about??? Keep safe you 2. Big hugs and lots a luv, Mum

    • MattJill says:

      Hi Mum, yea Delhi belly wasn’t too great but I suppose it had to happen some time. I’m all good now though. No more dead bodies I hope, but you never know. Jill is normally asking me where the hell we are so i was very glad she picked up on that. Hope you get your new car soon. Love you heaps. Matt

  3. Doris says:

    Hi Jill and Matt, I think you are both having the best training to audition for the next Amazing Race. What do you think? The Taj looked spectacular. With the level of detail and intricate design its not surprising that it is one of the seven wonders of the world.
    I always wonder whether people you meet are being genuinely friendly and helpful or touting for business in some way. I had a few of those experiences when living in Bangkok. Love the way you are both embracing all the opportunities on offer and making the most of your holiday.

    • MattJill says:

      Hi Aunty D,
      The Amazing Race audition would be awesome. When is it?

      Most of the people here are absolutely friendly and are genuine. It is obvious which ones are the touts and who are not. Surprisingly we have had no major issues with the touts. I guess that is because we are just going with the flow, so if the taxi takes us to the wrong place its no skin off our nose. We just laugh about it and get into the next taxi. Thinking about it now, we are learning our life lessons very quickly here.

      Love Jill

  4. nan & grandadxx says:

    Hi Jill & Matt,glad to see you have your witts about you most of us wouldn’t knoww if we were going in the right direction or not , by the photos the places you’ve visited look lovely and the people you’ve become friends with , it must be that lovely smile of yours , sorry about your Delhi belly Matt hope you get well soon , sounds like your both having a great time , what an adventure , one you want for get in a hurry . love to you both nanxx

    • MattJill says:

      Hi Nan, We are trusting our intuition a lot here. If either of us have a “feeling” on something we trust each other and go with it. Luckily Matt is fantastic with directions and has a photogenic memory. And if worse comes to worse we ask someone. We bought a phrasebook yesterday so we are now trying to learn a little more Hindi. Love Jill P.S Matt has recovered from Delhi Belly

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