Goodbye Kathmandu


So it’s our last day in Thamel, Kathmandu. We love it here, people are friendly, food is yummy, bakeries everywhere. Our favourite stop is Hot Breads where we daily buy something for 70 rupees (80c). Our hotel has been great, Hotel Horizon. Its clean and basic, and has a functioning normal toilet.

It still amazes me how there is Internet nearly everywhere yet the power is only on twice a day for roughly 7 hours a day. Apparently the city is expanding too quickly so the electricity is rationed.

Our favourite dinner place is Momo’s Cave. We will be heading there tonight for some cheap delicious momo’s and ox tongue.

Our other favourite place is a local shop full of more yummy spicy food. And the best masala tea!! I have no idea the name or the street it’s on, sorry if you make it here you will have to go exploring as its just out of Thamel.

Best Masala Tea

Our fav local restaurant

We visited the palace of the living goddess. The story goes that a group of girls (I think about 2yrs old) are selected based on star sign, numerology etc. After the ideal group is selected they face a scary scene where the girl whom remains calm becomes the living goddess. The goddess and her family move to the palace and then when she gets her first period they are kicked out. After this she is a hopeless case and no one wants to be her friend of lover. She will unlikely ever be married. Unlucky hey?

One for you dad

Street vendors


Buddhist Festival at the Monkey Temple

School of Nursing

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3 Responses to Goodbye Kathmandu

  1. Marita says:

    Great pics guys. ………….guess being a Goddess aint so hot after all..Masala tea sounds way more interesting than green tea – do you get drunk on it? Cant believe how huge Kathmandu is!!
    Jill, hope your tummy’s better
    Love Marita

    • MattJill says:

      No you don’t get drunk on it. It’s like a chai but way better. We did have rice wine one night at dinner(free). Matt was drunk, I had to take him home slightly stumbling.

  2. Doris says:

    We have loved all your photos and diary entries. No doubt you will have amazing memories to look back on. The avalanche seemed a bit too close for comfort though. Even though humans are relatively ‘small’ its incredible what they can do. Congratulations on making it to base camp. Love D & Rob xx

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