Everest Trek Day 10, 2 April 2012: Pangboche to Namche Bazzar

Jill Matt Shanon Kelly

The race down continues. It’s another 7 hours day walk. Matt continues to tell us when we have hills up and down. We are grateful for his photographic memory. The walk home is different again as you see the mountains from a different view. As we pass the walkers heading up we cheerfully say “namaste” and in our heads thinking “suckers”.

We have a big hill to climb, 1 hours worth. But it is nothing compared to the mountains we have climbed. There is more oxygen so easier to breath and we are fitter. Kelly gets attacked by a yak on the hill. It gets it’s horn under her jumper that is tied around her waist. Luckily she gets out. Ironically 5 min before the incident she was telling us how kind and friendly the yaks are.

Porters carrying pool tables

Jill Matt Shanon and Kelly make it to Namche. We are super excited to see Tess and Rudd pop in later. We had our doubts we wouldn’t be a big group again, but they did it.

View from bedroom in Namche

We play more cards, head to the bar to play pool on a wonky table. Each game of pool takes nearly an hour!!!

At night we watched an Everest movie where 8 out 12 people died on one particular night during a storm. Then the courage the rest of the group has to succeed to make it to the top of the world despite their losses. I felt exactly the same as these mountaineers at some points, but I couldn’t do what they do. I admire their strength courage and determination. For any one who loves the great outdoors I highly recommend doing this trek. It is beautiful challenging and rewarding. We didn’t make it to the highest point of the world, but I feel I am on the top of the world 🙂

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1 Response to Everest Trek Day 10, 2 April 2012: Pangboche to Namche Bazzar

  1. This is bringing back so many memories for me! Yes, those climbers are nuts. We met a guy in Namche who summited, with a snow board, and boarded some of the way down. He was such a nut-case I wondered how he survived, but I think that is why! I can relate to your ‘suckers’ comment with those going the other way- when we got back to Lukla and met others going the other way I had this weird smugness about what they were in for, and was happy to be in my shoes that’s for sure!!!

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