Everest Trek Day 8, 31 March 2012: Lobuche to Gorak Shep to Base Camp

Day 8 of our trekking and we are aiming to Everest Base Camp 5364m. We set off at 8am from Lobuche. As the days go by, the number of layers of clothing increases. We are only increasing altitude of 320m to Gorak Shep (5140m). It’s seems small compared to other days but the oxygen is decreasing. As a group we manage fine, a few minor headaches but no major issues.

Nearly there

Gorak Shep is the village you stay overnight while you walk to Base Camp or Kalapattar. There are 5 lodges maximum.

Gorak Shep

At record breaking time, yes we walk fast, we make it Gorak Shep about 10.15am. We drop off our bags, munched on muesli bars and made sure we had the Everest Whisky with us. We set off again to Everest Base Camp. We climb over rocks, share small paths with yaks, cross frozen rivers and glaciers. It’s a relatively easy walk, except for Tess whom is making regular toilet stops. We watched two avalanches over 1.5hours. It’s a loud roar, and we all look up to find where the sound is coming from. We are safe.

Yak's and Us crossing Glacier



Steep cliffs

On reaching base camp, we jump, hug and celebrate our success. We all have a swig of Shanon’s Everest Whisky. It warms our bodies. We mark our names on the Base Camp rock along with many others. We did it!!!

We made it!!!

Sweet Victory

At base camp there are approx 40 expeditions with about1600 staff/support members. At the time we are there is no one at the camp. There is a warming tent at the camp.

White tent is the warming tent

Afterwards we head back to Gorak Shep for relax/nap time. We stay warm by the yak & kerosene pot belly. We head to bed early, 7pm for tomorrows early rise.

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