Everest Trek Day 7, 30 March 2012: Dingboche to Lobuche

Day 7 we managed to get up and out of our cosy sleeping bags into the very fresh mountain air. After a short steep climb we walked on relatively flat ground for a few hours.

We were still in awe of the majestic mountain peaks surrounding us. You can just stare at them in wonder for hours.

We raced across a little bridge to beat the yak train about to cross and noticed the river was starting to freeze.

We had a hot lemon tea and chocolate bars at Thokla tea house before we climbed the boulders from hell. Rudd was feeling pretty poorly so he, Tessa and Lama stayed behind.

The little town of Thokla
(What a backdrop!)

The boulders from hell

At the top of the boulders were the monuments to those who attempted everest but never returned.

Monuments to those who died on Everest

We were all very relieved to reach the very warm lodge in Lobuche as it was frickin freezing. We didn’t think Rudd made it up the boulders from hell as they never came to our lodge. So we all cheered when Tessa found our lodge after dinner.

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