Everest Trek Day 6, 29 March 2012: acclimatisation day

This morning we wake to fresh snow around our lodge and on the mountains. Ngima mentions the snow is about calf deep at the foothills.

Dingboche covered in snow

Today is another ‘rest’ day where we walk to approx 5000m, up about 600m!!! It’s surprisingly not that cold when we set off but once we get halfway up it is freezing!!!

Unprepared, Jill’s hands feet and face are freezing. Kelly bribes Jill with Snickers bars bites to make it up. “One step at a time” she says, and “dont look up”. Shanon and Matt power up the hill, running and playing up the mountain. The views are pristine. It’s a clear day and the boys are click click clinking.

Shanon Kelly Ngima Jill Matt

Beautiful surrounds

Once Ngima is satisfied we have walked hard enough he takes us down hill to stone houses and monestaries. Some of these are more than 1000 years old. Some are abandoned after earthquakes. One this day there are no monks to see. Ngima said they may be doing community work.

1000 year old house

Left over remains

After the trek of 5 hours Jill Matt and Kelly head off to the shops to invest in much needed face scarfs. Our guides also find us and then take us to someone’s house to watch a local board game take place.

At night we continue to develop our card playing skills again.

Rudd is now sick.

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