Everest Trek Day 5, 28 March 2012: Tengboche to Dingboche


Its day 5 and the diarrhoea is not giving up. Its a long day walk up a total of 550m up in altitude. Today Jill is suffering and the only way to succeed this day was to walk alone ahead of everyone. With my inspirational playlist going through my ipod this day was my favourite trekking day.

I was surrounded by beautiful mountains, cliffs, birds and felt total bliss. At one point I remember thinking how grateful I was to be a Capricorn and to be that ‘goat’ who keeps pushing up this hill. I was grateful that I was raised by two bulls – strong minded Taurus’. With this combination I knew I would make it to the next stop, Dingboche. In the last 30min before the finish line the diarrhoea started again, so off I hopped behind rocks. One of the Sherpa’s, Llama, waited patiently for me. On arrival to Dingboche I collapsed on my bed where I fell asleep. The last words I said to Matt was if I get any worse get me out of here ASAP! I still dont know if it was the food or the altitude which was causing my sickness. After a few hours rest Matt fed me by hand as I was too cold and fatigued to move. Not long after I rose from my bed and faced the dining room. That was the last of the runs whoooo!!!!

In the dining room, we learnt how to play a card game “Marriage” with our Sherpas. It was an interesting learning experience as somehow the rules were always different and forever changing. But we managed and each got a few games under our belts.

Matt Showing Off His Ballerina Outfit - AKA thermals


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1 Response to Everest Trek Day 5, 28 March 2012: Tengboche to Dingboche

  1. Hi Sarah here, I just heard from Jill, found your website and have been reliving my own EBC trek through you guys!! Uncannily, I also had food poisoning on the second day of the trek, it was horrific! We did it in May 2009, with a group though. I take it you guys have finished the trek now? Look forward to hearing more about it, take care 🙂

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