Everest Trek Day 4, 27 March 2012: Namche Bazzar to Tengboche

Buddhist temple (stupa)

Day 4 we got up early, ate out pre ordered breakfast and headed off. It was a relatively flat hike for the morning. We gave our donation for the trekking path repair to the guy who looked 100 years old. We came to another Buddhist temple which Ngima explained we must always walk around clockwise otherwise we cop bad Karma.

It seemed a pretty cruisy day as it was the first day we trekked with our Canadian and American Friends. Before long we started to descend towards the river again and we got to see what we had to hike back up once we crossed the river.

The climb to Tengboche

We had a pretty steep descent to the river where we had to wait for some yaks to cross the suspension bridge. Consumed a tasty lunch before the two and a half hour climb to Tengboche up the zig zag track above. There were plenty of stops along the way. Matt got sunburnt on one side of his face. When we got near the top Jill gave a last ditch effort sprint to the top.

Yak crossing

When we got to our 3860m Tengboche lodge at the top of the steep hill we were rewarded with a very warm dining room heated with a yak poo pot belly stove.

Yak poo pot belly stove

Next we were surprised with breathtaking Everest views from our bedroom window.

View of Everest from our room

And after that we found the best cake shop in Nepal where Jill had a delicious apple pie and Matt woofed down a huge slice of lemon merang pie.

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