Everest Trek Day 3, 26 March 2012: Acclimatisation Day

Path to the top

By day 3, Ngima has us in a routine, breakfast at 7.30am ready for a 8am departure. Today is our “rest day” but ‘rest’ to Ngima and us is very different. It is not until the next day we realise he is right. So, at 8am we depart for our acclimatisation day trek which we climb a nearby mountain to approx 3880m with our final destination to a Japanese owned hotel which is the highest hotel location in the world.The trek takes approx 3 hours.

Highest Hotel in the World

We sipped tea at the hotel overlooking Mt Everest. The view of Everest was covered by some clouds. But the surrounding mountains covered by snow were spectacular. Drinking tea occurred with every meal and break stop. Our favorites include Masala tea (Nepali tea), lemon tea and ginger tea (apparently helps with altitude sickness).

Our first view of Mt Everest

Gorgeous surrounds

After the trek we visited the muesem in Namche. We learnt about human waste disposal. The waste is composted, but in the higher altitudes it is too cold for composting. So porters have to carry waste in blue ~100Lcontainers. Every time we see a porter with the blue container my heart stops for them. In lower altitudes toilets are either the usual Asian style drop toilets, or there are some where you step onto a wooden ledge and do your business and down the hole you see leaves and shrubs! These toilets actually seem the cleanest and least offensive smell.

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