Everest Trek Day 2, 25 March 2012: Phakding to Namche Bazzar

Matt and Jill before the hike up the big hill... we already look exhausted!

Day 2 of our trek started off slowly with Ngima strongly encouraging Jill to make it out the door. We very slowly make our way to Namche with multiple toilet stops. Luckily there is only one undignified stop to the toilet with no trees, rocks etc to hide behind.

After much encouragement with a snickers bar, Jill finally picks up the pace to a more acceptable one.

Namche Bazzar is at 3440m with a steep ascent of 600m in altitude over 3hrs!!! It is a tough walk, close to one of the hardest we do.


Namche Bazzar

We finally arrive to Namche where we happen to stay at the same place as our new friends. Our friendship grows while chatting over an electric heater and trying to keep body heat warm. We are soon to realise that Namche is actually warm compared to where we are heading.

New friends at the Hill-Ten Lodge

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