Everest Trek Day 1, 24 March 2012: Kathmandu to Phakding

Plane to Lukla

So we have all our gear ready, woke up at 4.30 am to get to the airport for a 6.30 departure flight to Lukla. The airport was disorganised in an organised manner to say the least. We were then told “there is a problem with your ticket.” For some strange reason our flight was booked for the same date next month so we were told to wait.

Eventually we get on a bus and rock up to our tiny old, old plane.

We all cram in, it fits about 20 nervous trekkers including a couple of Canadians, 2 Americans and a Swede we became friends with. After 10 minutes we’re all told to get off the plane, and we get on the one waiting next to it.

The flight gave us spectacular views on the Himalayas. There were a few bumps and jumps but before we knew it we were headed for a cliff with an airstrip on top known as Lukla airport.

Lukla Airport

When we landed we got a warm cup of tea from the lodge overlooking the airstrip and we asked if they knew a good guide.

A few minutes later a 21 year old kid called Ngima walked in. He spoke broken English and we weren’t too sure but said alright let’s go. We sorted out all the details of the trip, he ran off to get his gear (which was’t much at all) and off we went.


The valley we started walking down was breathtaking. Mountains up either side, cute little houses and lodges spotted along the way and the river running down the middle was a bright blue with white water which is known as the milky river.

The Milky River

Jill on suspension bridge

First day trekking was only about two and a half hours. When we rocked up to out lodge, Tibet Guest House we found the American cousins Rudd and Tessa and the Canadian friends Shanon and Kelly were staying at the same lodge. The Americans had a pack of cards so we got to know each other over a game of Asshole.

We headed down to the river to see how cold it was and agreed that it would chill a beer in about 3 seconds.

Glacial Water

Jill wasn’t feeling the best and not long after lunch everything came back out again. We got upgraded to a room with an en-suite which Jill frequented during the night.

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3 Responses to Everest Trek Day 1, 24 March 2012: Kathmandu to Phakding

  1. Clare says:

    Now that sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Linda says:

    Wow now that’s an airstrip, hold onto your undies!

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